The objective of the RFCS STAMS project is to implement these technologies in underwater conditions, to integrate them into multifunctional monitoring and inspection modules, and to design permanently installed sensors, to guarantee periodic and long-term continuous monitoring and condition assessment of flooded mine shafts.

It will develop a Multi-functional Monitoring system for high-pressure conditions, an Ultrasonic Inspection Module allowing a combined profiling/imaging treatment thanks to a combined scanner, and water dynamics and gas monitoring devices for deep coalmines shafts. The devices will be tested in real mining conditions. Numerical models will be developed to improve the quality and the efficiency of the monitoring tools as well as interpretation of collected data through a real time assessment of shaft stability conditions. The results of the project will be useful for end-users and contribute to alerting them in case of unfavourable conditions. This will allow the authorities to take the suitable measures relevant to the problems reported.